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Andy Dubberley's passion for all things DJ'ing started when he was fifteen years old and several decades later, he's as enthusiastic about entertaining folk as ever, whether he's on the radio or behind the decks at a live gig.

Musically speaking, Andy happily admits to being firmly stuck somewhere between 1979 and 1983, when the TwoTone sound of bands like The Specials and Madness became his obsession, an obsession which continues unabated some 40 years later!

Andy lives in Wiltshire with his partner Amanda, two dogs, two scooters, more pairs of Adidas retro trainers than any one person could ever need and a lot, in fact an awful lot, of vinyl records!!!

The team here at White Horse Radio are very proud to be the new home of SKA-PLUS, Andy’s very successful and well supported radio show. We hope to be working with Andy for many years to come, growing the radio show’s audience even further and promoting the Ska Plus brand. We’re also very willing to look after all that lovely vinyl!!!!!


SKA-PLUS runs its very own FaceBook group which you can access by clicking the image below....

Join the group and you can chat with other fans of the Show.

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