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Recently, local Commercial Radio across the UK has been gobbled up by the conglomerates, which is reflected in centralised, national programming.

The team behind White Horse Radio remember the days of good old-fashioned quality radio which was embedded in the heart of its community!!!


Our aim is to develop a new local radio station for the whole of Wiltshire that is going to re-ignite that spirit of 'old' radio, playing music from across the decades along with engaging features and thoughtful programming.


Initially we are broadcasting via the internet, a technology that, although not in its infancy it is yet to be fully embraced by the general radio listener.  Our plan, however, is to eventually use the more traditional medium of FM alongside all the modern transmitting experiences.


We are very much at the beginning of this exciting journey and over the coming months will be developing our programming and relationships with our communities, advertisers and sponsors.


We would be really interested to know what you think about radio and what you would like to hear on WHR. Please feel free to contact us via the Contact Page.

The White Horse Radio Team……

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