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As you can see Dave is a keen follower of fashion! Luckily for us he is also a keen follower of what music is required to give you an excellent soundtrack to a night out.

Dave started his broadcasting originally joining Truro Hospital Radio in the late 1980’s where he remained for about 20 years, mainly because they lost the key to the studio and couldn't let him out.

Dave always had an interest in Radio and the media and jumped at the chance to have a look around the THR studios. That ended up with Dave presenting a two hour programme and going straight into ward visitng for requests the very same day!



Dave resides down in Cornwall with his Girlfriend Jane and has a daughter, Tegan who lives with her fiancée in Maidenhead

Lets just hope his fashion sense returns to normal soon!

An interesting fact about Dave - he is very lucky at winning luxury holidays, cars and many other goodies through Radio Competitions..... so much so that any competitions run on White Horse Radio will be kept away from Dave as no listeners would ever see the prizes!

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