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Dave admits to being an army "Brat" for 25 years of his life, this taught him to be confident at meeting and talking to people around the world. Friends would often say "have you had your interview with David yet?" to any new acquaintance!



Coming from a Celtic, Glaswegian background as Dave did, being a shrinking violet was not an option. "You were in danger of being thought aloof if you didn't converse and pass the time of day. Especially if you were on a Glasgow bus!" Dave recalls


Fast forward to the 1980's and Dave moved from Germany to Devises, Wiltshire and started broadcasting on Devizes Hospital Radio after seeing an ad in the local paper asking for presenters. That was it Dave was 'bitten by the Radio Bug'!


Image by Jonathan Farber

Dave spent 15 happy years spinning records and using the 'old school ways' and learning to talk to people for his show. Who would have thought that would hold him in good stead for the 2020's.......

Dave now resides in Canada, but by the marvels of modern technology and the World Wide Web he presents his weekly show 'On Another Track' here on White Horse Radio

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