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Gary is pround to call himself a geek! Always fixing something ( or taking it apart) or designing some computer code or lighting and sound system.

An unlikely career move after building and driving Steam Engines at a tourist attraction in Cornwall where he lived took Gary into the world of designing and building early digital photographic industrial printers and was a key member of the team designing and building the first ‘digital photo kiosk’ which are now a common way for people to print their photos. Gary likes to point out that this is his 'claim to fame!

During any ‘spare’ time he frequently worked as a DJ for nightclubs in Cornwall and Devon, then went on to work as a freelance sound and lighting engineer for the BBC, ITV, local radio stations and production companies in the area.


Currently his career as a senior meteorological engineer for the UK Met Office takes him to various interesting places abroad on a regular basis but Gary still finds time for his passion for music, broadcast technology and most importantly good coffee.

The undying passion for anything technical in the world of Broadcast and IT was a perfect combination to realise a life long dream and own a radio station, so Gary and Chris Hughes, with his immense experience in the Local Radio Broadcast World, joined forces and Built White Horse Radio from the ground up.

Its a good job Gary also likes his coffee as it keeps him awake whilst designing the Computer systems and programming the code that keeps White Horse Radio 'on-air!'

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