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He is the self proclaimed 'Love Doctor' of White Horse Radio and we certainly cant deny that, taking you into a late sunday evening every week with some of the best Mellow Music and Smoochy tunes that you can find... we do object that he walks around in his underpants and wearing a rather large medallion when doing his show doing a very bad Barry White impersonation but quality does come at a price.


Kevin was born at a young age and it is rumoured that he is the love child of Uncle Bulgaria -  the greatest Womble of all  - and was brought up on Wimbledon Common. We have no proof of this and is pure speculation but he does like to pick litter up wherever he goes and loves the Wombling Merry Christmas Song ( he can often be heard whistling it in the Studio ) and of course they are very different, Uncle Bulgaria is very likeable. 


Kevin wanted to be a radio presenter and despite us locking the doors here at White Horse Radio, Kevin would not take no for an answer and he has very quickly  become one of the most popular figures here on the radio station, indeed he has been asked for his autograph in a local store, Kevin still claims to this day that the petition to 'save our trees' on the sheet of paper he signed was nothing to do with it and the female fan just wanted a scrap of paper and thats all she could find.

Join Kevin Every Sunday Night from 9pm for 2 hours of Mellow Moments, the Love Doctor is awaiting your appointment!

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