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MICHAEL KRYTON is a veteran of creative communications based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  His diversified skill-set includes his role as Writer-Producer-Director, Musician-Composer, Showrunner, and Ideation Author. Over 43 years, Michael has applied his skill set for clients in media (radio, television, web), entertainment, government, corporate, industry, business associations, education and retail.


He wrote and directed William Shatner's Canadian Tour, "How Time Flies" and consulted to Nightingale Conant in Chicago on brand development.  He has garnered international recognition from the Hollywood Radio and Television Society honoring the world’s best broadcast advertisements, the New York Radio and Television Festival, the Radio Bureau of Canada, the Television Bureau of Canada and many others

Michael is also the author of "A Brilliant Idea Every 60 Seconds", an account and how-to of his ideation methodology, published by Gildan Media New York. It has also been translated and published in Viet Nam.

Musically, Michael has written many jingles for radio and television campaigns, interstitial music for Superchannel and Movie Central, and various promotional corporate songs. In addition to performing as a voice actor and announcer, he also hosts an online radio program, “open mic” which is exclusive to and can be heard on White Horse Radio every Tuesday night at 11pm

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