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Paul likes to state himself as 'An Indie/Punk/Alt Rock loving New Zealand emigre.

1987 saw The Kiwi Punk Accountant wash-up on England's shores, drawn by the allure of loud & exciting gigs by his heroes, futher fuelling the addiction and increasing  the evangelical zeal to spread the 'Gospel According to Messrs Rotten & Strummer & Ms Sioux'!  

Indeed the the only Pop generally favoured is of the 'Iggy' variety!


The KPA's tastes also cover a broad range of interesting, influential & critically acclaimed artists, ones he is impatient to foist upon his listeners  hungry ears, so listen out,  Paul Coveney is loose on the airwaves of White Horse Radio and is keen to put his point across..... and balance the Audio Books ( there will be more Accountant puns we are sure! )


Paul's Show in his own words is "basically a combination of my own personal tastes & commonly agreed critical acclaim - its a show for 'Serious Music Lovers' but at the same time reasonably accessible, nothing too jarring or weird but with a progression towards the more adventurous or heavy stuff as the show goes on. Its generally needs to be on the 'Melodic' side for me to like it, I'm not a great 'Drum n Bass' fan!"

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