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Tom has had a varied and colourful career largely pursuing his passion for education, wildlife and the Natural World.

Writing, directing and producing professional stage shows  including Silent Comedy Youth Theatre Shows, Shakespeare Productions, live Hawk and Owl flying displays keep Tom busy and he excels in fusing  Entertainment lighting technology and the Natural World to bring mesmerizing flying displays to life, many of which have been described as being inside a BBC documentary and 4D cinema at the same time....


As a child, Tom always wanted to present radio programmes but, it never quite happened!
The closest he got is when his dad let him have the dictaphone he had bought. Tom would practice for his future presenting slot by recording himself doing the 'links' before painstakingly recording the tracks from a CD Player. Tom comments - " these tapes will never see the light of day....."



Tom doing his un-convincing impersonation of David Bellamy


Tom hosts a monthly wildlife podcast as part of his role at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Hampshire - a Charity organization with a mission to conserve Birds of Prey, something which Tom is extremley passionate about...

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