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Victoria D has had a lifelong love affair with music of all genres. From her childhood years of singing and talking into a candlestick on top of her living room coffee table, to spending a good chunk of her adult life on a musical stage.

Her love of music has continued to grow as she has as a musician and performer. 
As much as music has defined her life, she has always had a soft spot for rock and roll. It did not matter whether it was the chilliest folk and indie rock or the heaviest hard rock and metal, it always lit a fire within her causing her to break out in song and dance wherever she happened to be in that moment. Yep, even out in the shops.


As a radio presenter and podcast host, Victoria has found a funnel for her abundant energy and feistiness, which has allowed her to share her knowledge and experiences, often pulling her listeners in to join her in her enthusiasm and entertaining them along the way.

Join Victoria D every Wendesday Night

from 9pm for the incredible Soul of Rock Show direct from New York City

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